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ABOUT The Ridge Hill School

Head of School's Welcome,

We look forward to having you and your family part of The Ridge Hill School Community.

Families can enroll for half day , afternoon or full day options.

Our school year is from September - June and we follow a public school calendar holiday/vacation closing.

We pride ourselves with building a strong curriculum that fosters self help skills, independence, critical thinking, confidence, empathy and a true desire to love learning!

Our Philosophy


The schooIs philosophy emphasizes a child centered developmental approach. Children participate in both child-selected and child-centered developmental approach. Our goals are to keep children safe and happy in an attractive and stimulating environment while providing a program which is individualized to meet each child's needs and developmental level. Most important is the fact that all of this takes place in an atmosphere in which each child's self esteem is put first. Building self-esteem is the goal of interactions between child and care-giver, the curriculum and even daily routines such as snack and clean up.

I have been here at Ridge Hill School for the past 25 years and thoroughly enjoy creating a place for young children to learn and grow.

Our History

The Ridge Hill School was  the Gar Hall . Originally this building was the Webster Cushing Shoe Shop. In 1990 it was remodeled by Norwell resident Fred Curtis and made into the town's new Memorial Hall.  For the next four decades, the Memorial Hall, also known as the D. Willard Robinson GAR Post 112, would be used for refreshments after Memorial Day parades. Today , it is the site of The Ridge Hill School a private preschool - kindergarten program.  It has been owned and operated by Victoria DeFreitas since 1994.

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