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Highlight Events of the School

Handwriting without tears Curriculum
Preschool - Kindergarten



Directed Art With Miss Dianne

Miss Dianne works with the pre-k and kindergarten class throughout the school year. Each month a new image is created for each child to choose to make.

Annual Art Show
Every year we celebrate famous artisits and re-create their work turning our classrooms into an art gallery. Families join us for an evening of Art every May. This is a highlight to our school year.



Birthday Book Club
Children are welcome to participate in our book club for their birthday. 

End of the Year Production

held at The Company Theater in Norwell. This is another highlight of our school year which is a full on dance and music show from each class here at Ridge Hill.

The teachers each choreograph a dance routine performed by their small group and each class has 2-3 group songs performed together.

June 2020 Theme: 90's boys/girls bands

Annual Halloween Open House Saturday October 21st
10:00am-12:00 pm
Celebrating 30 years 
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