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Importance of Play

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Play is an important part of child development. Play allows children to use their imagination, creativity, physical, emotional and cognitive development as well as their dexterity.

The 10 Benefits of Play

It Builds a Healthy Body. ... It Builds a Healthy Brain. ... It Teaches Emotional Intelligence and Boosts Self-Esteem. ... Play Builds Healthy Friendships and Romantic Relationships. ... It Forges a Healthy Parent–Child Relationship. ... It Teaches Cooperation. ... Play Teaches Problem Solving. ... It Stimulates Creativity.

We believe that children should have multiple opportunities during the day to explore play through games, creative learning materials and well as being outside on the playground.

Play Encourages Relationship Building. Play helps to promote the development of social skills. Children who play with their parents and peers learn how relationships work through their play experiences. As play becomes more important in a child's life, an increase in the number and quality of friendships has been seen.

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