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What is a Tuff Tray?

A few years ago I was scrolling through instagram and noticed these incredible table trays used in preschool classrooms. I am an advocate for children to use loose parts and materials to create their own imaginative play. Each classroom at RHS has a Tuff Tray which is used daily for weekly theme activities.

The benefits of using Tuff Trays are endless when it comes to learning through play. Whether you are learning about letters, pets, play dough activities, winter animals , arctic animals or practicing cutting skills the opportunities are endless .Children can learn words, facts relating to what they are doing, knowledge and language skills as well as teamwork, collaborative play, listening skills and creative expression.

For a fun at home Tuff Tray you can use any rectangular builder tray from a hardware store, small sand trays or a lid to a storage box. Building confidence, social skills and the opportunity to learn in a fun and engaging way is just one of the many concepts to our teaching philosophy. Enjoy creating your own Tuff Tray at home and continue to see posts to our instagram @ridgehill102 for all our classroom activities.

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